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BBC Young Reporter India is a media education project adapted for regional relevance, from the successful UK scheme. So far 50 trainers have reached 8000 students in 120 schools across India. India is a particularly challenging market for disinformation. Sharing misleading content on messaging apps is widespread.

We have created a series of workshops and presentations, of varying lengths, along with videos, and delivery notes to help you deliver programmes to students, to help young people meet these challenges.

The programme is aimed at students from grades 9-12, but suitable for older students, up to 18 years old. They can be delivered by teachers or trainers.

These workshops and films will help your students think critically about the information and news they receive on their social media feeds. They will be encouraged to think twice before sharing potentially misleading content, and be given tools to help them verify images and videos.

Our aim is to build a community of students, schools and teachers who will be able to sift facts from the fake and understand online information better.

BBC Young Reporter India report 

Download our report to read how the project was delivered.


We have a selection of videos of various lengths that can easily be fitted into your teaching timetable – from 20 minutes to 2 hours.  The choice is yours. You can find the BBC’s child protection guidelines for delivery below.

BBC Young Reporter India: Child Safety Guidelines

For Teachers and Trainers

Here is a short introduction to BBC Young Reporter India.

BBC Young Reporter India: Teachers’ Welcome Pack


We have created 6 short and simple 20-30 minute workshops that take students through the basics of recognising and verifying misleading information.

They will understand the potential harms, and learn to think critically about the information they see in their feeds.  Critically it will help to encourage them to pause before sharing – playing their role in preventing the sharing of fake news.

3. Who to trust (linked video)1.6 MB PowerPoint presentation
4. Tricks of the trade4.6 MB PowerPoint presentation
5. Techie tools (linked video)5.4 MB PowerPoint presentation
6. Safe skills for life1.7 MB PowerPoint presentation

For trainers who are already familiar with the programme and who will only deliver one session to a group of students, we have two longer workshops (1 hour and 2 hours) which have already been delivered to 8000 students across India

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