Our Story

Let's explore the story of DataLEADS to hear how its seeds
were sown and how it grew as an organization!

A Tale of Meaningful Conversations!


Meaningful conversations often happen over a cup of coffee and lead to the birth of great ideas. This is how the story of DataLEADS started– curiosity over the ubiquity of data and the challenges and opportunities posed by it.

It was in 2013 when Syed Nazakat started to notice an increasing availability of open-source data in India and elsewhere. [He thought:]

How to make sense of this data? How to use it for storytelling and empowering people? How to build intersections between data, technology and media?

The curiosity carried itself to a conversation over a cup of coffee with Dr. Sabba Mehmood and the Eureka moment was arrived at— Create a platform to help people make sense of data!

With humble beginnings, at a basement in a suburban Delhi area, a team of four got together to weave a dream to build a community around data to reimagine the future and to extend timely access to accurate information.

It began with a workshop organised in the remote valley of India where doctors and journalists came together at Government Medical College in Srinagar and were enthralled by the potential of data to reshape how they envisioned future interventions in the health sector.

The workshop was the beginning of a fascinating journey about many such workshops in more than 10 Asian countries on data, fact-checking and information that would prove to be instrumental in initiating a dialogue about intersection of technology, media, information and artificial intelligence.

Today, a decade later with partners from around the world, DataLEADS stands firmly (and humbly) as a globally recognised organisation with an avant-garde approach towards media, information, innovation, collaboration and technology.

DataLEADS is on a mission to help build a healthy information ecosystem,  formidable to Frankenstein of technology, challenges of misinformation and creating a global community that is empowered to navigate the seismic shifts in the media and global information landscape.

Our conversations over a cup of coffee continues!