India Training Network

The GNI India Training Network is an initiative led by DataLEADS to provide digital training and upskilling opportunities to journalists, fact-checkers, and media educators across India.

India’s Largest Network for Journalism Training

The Google News Initiative India Training Network, led by DataLEADS, is committed to empowering newsrooms and providing digital training and upskilling opportunities to journalists, fact-checkers, and media educators, enabling them to navigate and adapt to the evolving media and information landscape.

Launched in 2018 through a partnership between Google, Internews, and DataLEADS, the Network has so far trained 71,000+ journalists, media students and educators, and fact-checkers in more than 15+ languages to build a healthy and robust media ecosystem in India.

The Network’s activities have translated into many key fact-checking initiatives becoming International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) signatories, leading to an upswing in the number of fact-checking reports and stories across multiple platforms and languages in the country.

Five Years On:
Combating Misinformation in India

Since July 2018, Google News Initiative India Training Network has trained journalists, media educators, fact-checkers and journalism students.

Last Updated : June, 2024

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The Google News Initiative India Training Network has trained 71,000+ journalists, media educators, fact- checkers, and journalism students.
The Network’s 339 trainers are senior journalists and media educators who were selected through Training-of-Trainers (ToT).
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The fact-checking and online verification trainings have benefitted at least 2,500+ Indian newsrooms and universities, making it one of the world's biggest and most impactful fact-checking training networks.
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The Network has conducted more than 1300+ workshops across India, empowering participants with key tools and strategies to identify and combat misinformation
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The trainings are conducted in more than 15+ Indian languages, benefitting thousands of newsrooms, media organisations and universities, leading to the launch of many key fact-checking initiatives in India.

Host a GNI India Training Network Training

This training program aims to provide digital training and upskilling opportunities to journalists, fact-checkers, and media educators across India.

To host a training on Digital Investigation, Mapping Tools, Audio and Visual Verification, Climate Change Verification, and more, at your newsroom/press club/media institute.

Curriculum Modules

Digital Investigation and Online Verification

Tools and strategies for fact-checking and verifying claims, images, and videos, including open-source intelligence (OSINT) resources.

Mapping Tools for Journalists

Designed to enhance your search capabilities and storytelling using Google Maps, Google Earth Studio, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Mapping.

Electoral Data Interpretation

Explore the essence of electoral data in India and grasp the fundamentals of data collection, interpretation, verification, and visualization.

Data Verification

Understanding data can be challenging, which is why we provide a concise guide to help you accurately and clearly report data and verify statistics and claims.

Visual Content Verification

Introductory fact-checking module to provide approaches to verify images and videos and tools such as Google Search, Google Lens, InVID, etc. to research with precision.

Climate Change Verification

Essential tools and skills to debunk unscientific and bogus claims related to climate change.

Visualizing Impact in Newsrooms and Beyond

For the past five years, the trainers of the GNI India Training Network have diligently conducted sessions across the country. Their dedication empowers media practitioners with essential tools and strategies to navigate the ever-evolving media and information landscape. Here is a glimpse into our training sessions: