Capacity Building and Training


The Google News Initiative India Training Network is an initiative led by DataLEADS to support journalists, fact-checkers and media educators across India in their fight against misinformation. Google News Initiative, in collaboration with DataLEADS, has established one of the world’s largest fact-checking initiatives in India, the GNI India Training Network. The Network supports journalists and media educators with digital training and upskilling opportunities. In its 5th year, the Network has so far trained 71,000+  journalists, media educators, fact-checkers and journalism students in more than 15+ languages across India, benefiting thousands of newsrooms and universities.


India's Largest Media Literacy Network

FactShala is a media and information literacy programme run by DataLEADS with support from the Google News Initiative. The programme helps people from small cities and villages across India to critically assess online information and sift facts from misinformation. FactShala is run by DataLEADS with support from the Google News Initiative. It was launched in 2020 by Internews with support from The vision is to empower communities around them with ethical approaches to information literacy and critical thinking skills.

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Bihar Information and Media Literacy Initiative

The Bihar Information and Media Literacy Initiative is led by DataLEADS in partnership with the Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain and supported by the Mercury Project, a research programme of Social Science Research Council (SSRC), New York.

This initiative is implemented with the support of JEEViKA, Government of Bihar. Its goal is to study the impact of a media literacy intervention, by conducting a series of workshops for 6000+ school-going students (grades 8-12), across 32 districts of Bihar state of India. The intervention will focus on health-related news literacy, which is a crucial aspect of media and information literacy. This makes BIMLI a unique program implemented at such a large scale in India

Climate Change Misinformation

Climate Reporting Training Bootcamp

It is a climate reporting training bootcamp under the Open Climate Reporting Initiative (OCRI) for Indian Journalists. The training-of-trainers workshop aims to improve knowledge of the importance of reporting on climate change and the effect that such reporting can have on addressing the urgent questions connected to climate change that have a substantial impact on policy making.

The train-the-trainer workshop is part of activities that will be implemented by DataLEADS in partnership with Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ).