Asian Dispatch Announces Inaugural Cohort of Member Newsrooms, Elevating Asian Perspectives in Global Media Landscape

April 5, 2024by DataLEADS0
April 4, New Delhi: Asian Dispatch, an initiative dedicated to amplifying Asian voices and perspectives in the global media landscape, proudly announces its first cohort of independent Asian newsrooms. With this milestone, Asian Dispatch marks a crucial step towards bridging the gap in representation and providing a platform for nuanced storytelling from across the diverse tapestry of Asia. The platform is an initiative by New Delhi-headquartered media and tech organisation DataLEADS. The inaugural cohort of 18 newsrooms are People’s Archive of Rural India (India), Prothom Alo (Bangladesh), Tokyo Investigative Multimedia Journalism Network (Japan), Malaysiakini (Malaysia) and Project Multatuli (Indonesia), PhilStar Global (Philippines), MindaNews (Philippines), Tribal News Network (Pakistan), Dhaka Tribune (Bangladesh), Queer Beat (India), Nepal Investigative Multimedia Journalism Network (Nepal), East Mojo (India), Center for Investigative Reporting (Sri Lanka), Suno India (India), Nepal Republic Media (Nepal), Mizzima (Myanmar), and Earthwise (Pakistan).  Together, this cohort presents a comprehensive and authentic portrayal of Asia through their fierce dedication to public service journalism, innovation and efforts to create sustainable media business models. The cohort will actively engage in cross-border collaborations and capacity building exercises to foster a greater understanding of the complexities within the continent.   Syed Nazakat, Founder and CEO of Asian Dispatch, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative by stating, “At Asian Dispatch, we are bringing together a diverse coalition of member newsrooms. We are committed to illuminating the multifaceted realities of Asia and amplifying voices that have long been marginalised or overlooked. Our aim is to unite voices across Asia to bring a shift in the way Asia positions itself and the way the world sees Asia, by creating cutting-edge, globally relevant cross-border stories, developing meaningful conversations, and innovative collaborations to build communities of action in the region. It is time for new conversations and reimagining the way we inform the world’s view on Asia.” Pallavi Pundir, Editorial Lead at Asian Dispatch, emphasised the significance of the initiative in addressing the imbalance in media representation. “For too long, Asia has been misrepresented or underrepresented in western media, leading to stereotypes and oversimplifications. Through Asian Dispatch, we aim to provide a platform for authentic storytelling that reflects the rich diversity and complexity of the continent”. With the launch of its first cohort of member newsrooms, Asian Dispatch reaffirms its commitment to promoting inclusivity, diversity, and accuracy in media representation. Through collaborative storytelling initiatives, educational programs and advocacy efforts, the organisation seeks to empower journalists and storytellers across Asia to reclaim their narratives and contribute to a more informed and interconnected global community. For more information about Asian Dispatch and its mission, please visit Media Contact: Pallavi Pundir Editorial Lead  +91-7452872429
About Asian Dispatch:
A pan-Asia network and newsroom, focused on cross-border, long-form stories, public interest journalism that unravels stories from across Asia. Our aim is to tell Asian stories, experiences from an Asian perspective. A community of reporters and newsrooms, we are building a body of work that puts spotlight on key issues and stories, and promotes ideas with people at the heart of our reportage. Launched in January 2024, Asian Dispatch focuses on building a resilient news ecosystem in Asia by supporting members to work across borders on stories. We are providing resources and networks to bring forth impactful journalism. 
About DataLEADS:
DataLEADS is a globally recognised New Delhi-based award-winning digital media and tech company with a worldwide focus on information ecosystem, data research, media literacy, fact-checking, health literacy, infodemic management, and digital transformation.


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